Sumitomo Maximum Performance HTR Z5 Tire

£140.29 £121.99


  • High-Performance Summer Tire
  • Comes With a Wider Tread Pattern
  • Has Increased Shoulder and Contact Patch
  • Features Sumitomo’s Cutting-Edge Technology and Design
  • Utilizes an Advanced Tread Compound
  • Available in 17, 18, 19, and 20-Inch Sizes
  • Comes With a Limited Warranty
  • Fits All Ford Mustang Models


An Impressive Summer Tire. Prepare your Ford Mustang for the unpredictable summer weather by installing Sumitomo’s Maximum Performance HTR Z5 Tire. This high-performance summer tire offers incredible traction, giving you excellent control at high speeds – even when the roads are wet. Plus, the Z5 showcases aggressive appeal, enhancing your Mustang’s appearance as a result.

Features Wider Treads. Thanks to the tire’s wide circumferential grooves, it can easily and quickly evacuate water from the tread area and provide advanced hydroplaning resistance. What’s more, it’s made with an increased shoulder and contact patch, which helps distribute pressure while increasing the tire’s service life.

Boasts an Advanced Tread Compound. Sumitomo’s advanced tread compound is crafted using a unique blend of carbon-silica and exclusive polymer. This compound gives the tire excellent grip strength, as well as outstanding control and braking power, giving you safer drives come rain or shine.

Features Sumitomo’s Cutting-Edge Technology. This product is made with a full-width nylon band, high-rigidity steel belts, and a hard apex. Thanks to these next-level tire features, the HTR Z5 Tire boasts remarkable strength and is capable of optimizing your vehicle’s high-speed stability.

Limited Warranty. This tire is backed by Sumitomo’s limited warranty. This, however, only replaces items that are showing signs of defects in materials and workmanship. Visit the manufacturer’s website to know more.

Application. The Sumitomo Maximum Performance HTR Z5 Tire fits all Ford Mustang models.

NOTE: This is a high-performance tire intended for use during summer months or warm temperatures only. Use during cold weather will greatly reduce performance, traction and handling, and greatly increase stopping distance. If using this tire in a drag or track environment during cold weather, we strongly recommend performing a pre-run burnout to nominalize the tread compound’s temperature.


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