NITTO NT555 G2 Ultra High Performance Tire



  • Ultra-High Performance Tire
  • High-Silica Tire Compound
  • Improves Wet and Dry Performance
  • Directional Tread Design for improved Cornering and Stability
  • Twin Center Rib Provides Durability and Performance
  • Designed for 1979-2021 Ford Mustangs


NT555 G2. Does your high-powered Mustang ever feel loose or unstable during rapid acceleration or when taking a corner at speed? If so, it may not be your suspension, like you think, it could be your tires. Poor tire traction can greatly affect the handling performance of your Mustang. If you find yourself in this scenario you should invest in a set of Nitto’s NT555 G2 Ultra High Performance Summer Tires. NT555 G2 Tires were engineered especially for spirited drivers that demand excellent traction in both wet and dry driving conditions.

Directional Tread Pattern. The Nitto NT555 G2 features multiple tread innovations that make it a best-in-class performance tire. Twin center ribs provide better dry traction and straight-line stability. Large tapered blocks increase grip and cornering stability, and circumferential grooves aid in water evacuation and wet handling.

High-Silica Compound. Nitto NT555 G2 Tires are made using a proprietary high-silica compound. Nitto uses a special bonding agent during their manufacturing process to increase the interaction between the base compound elements to further reinforce their chemical bonds. This specialized bonding agent helps create a tire with a higher compound stiffness which results in better cornering performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Application. The NITTO NT555 G2 Ultra High Performance Tire is designed for all 1979-2021 Ford Mustangs.

NOTE: This is a high-performance tire intended for use during summer months or warm temperatures only. Use during cold weather will greatly reduce performance, traction and handling, and greatly increase stopping distance. If using this tire in a drag or track environment during cold weather, we strongly recommend performing a pre-run burnout to nominalize the tread compound’s temperature.


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